Private Lessons with Dr. Andrew Wehrli

Private lessons are a good way to develop a specific skill. A private lesson allows the coach to focus on the movement and technique of an individual. Coaches can evaluate poor movement patterns, inefficient techniques, and provide feedback to the athlete so they make adjustments. Private lessons are also a great avenue to discuss the mental game while working on a skill through high repetition.



1-on-1 Lesson: $85 per player

2-on-1 Lesson: $50 per player

3-on-1 Lesson: $40 per player

4-on-1 Lesson: $35 per player

Group (5+) Lesson: Email for more information


My lesson schedule is public. You can access it by clicking on the button below and looking for yellow times that indicate lesson available. When you find one that is available that works for your schedule, please email me back to schedule. 


Private lesson instruction is facilitated at the Union Bank and Trust Sports Complex in Elkhorn, NE.


*Please keep in mind that I am often booked as far as 6-weeks in advance. I am often available on early dismissal days or days without school. If you find a daytime that would work for you that may not be listed, please email me and I will check to see if it works.


If you cannot find a time that works for you in my schedule, I can refer you onto another great coach. 

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